You need to establish your identity online as the world is changing more rapidly than ever before. At Angelo Remedios, we develop your web and mobile applications with awesome and creative design and features. Lets talk. Our specialized team will take care of all your web & software needs. Establishing your identity online is important and you need to partner with a company that has a proven track record and flexibility. Angelo Remedios is the choice. We are creative and convey a simple but strong message in the websites and software we develop. With years of experience, we have filtered out what works and can give you the results you are looking for.

Benefits of using our Web & Software development Services

Modern Design

We develop your website and apps with modern style and designs. If you need a minimalistic design, we are open to that as well. We love making your website and app awesome with great features We use the best tools an technologies to build.

Best in Class Technology

Whatever you need is whether it is to create a website, app, CRM, or software, we got you covered.

Focused on Your Revenue Generation

Whatever we do, we just do not make it. We make sure, that you get results and get more clients for your business. This is what makes us stand out from the rest. We are results-oriented.


We are a bunch of dedicated professionals and we are flexible to your demands and Needs. We make sure that at the end of the day, you are satisfied and get the most with us.

We provide the Best-in-Class Web & Software development Solutions for all your Business Needs. With One Step Ahead in the Race, we are Committed to Giving you the Best Value You Deserve.

We picture your mindset and get on with your work. For us, your satisfaction is the ultimate priority. We are eager to make things happen for you and love to see your business succeed with us.

We just do not make applications, but we make selling machines. Yes, you heard that right. We know that to be successful, your website or application should prompt potential customers to take action and we just make that happen.

Our web & Software Development Services

Website Design & Development

We create websites for your business.We have an expert team who are proficientin PHP, C++, Java, SQL, CSS, etc and can make theperfect website for your business. An attractive and selling website can do a lot of good for your business. We at Angelo Remedios create and design the most modern and stylish websites that gets you customers 24/7. A website if properly designed can become a full-time salesman for your business. It can generate you revenue even when you sleep. We can design a website either with coding or through using CMS platforms like WordPress or Wix. Whatever be your needs, we got you covered. Our expert staff will do all the design work for you so that you will have an awesome website that is selling and professional. Whether you need a software or a website we are the right choice. A custom-made software will help you to make the business as per your needs and we have the best-in-class software development team to work along side you.

E-Commerce Website

If you want to build an ecommerce website, then weare the right choice. We buildthe perfect website for youto sell your products withpayment integration and cartpages and all that you need. Selling your products online can generate a lot of revenue for you and we will design all the product pages and the payment integration for you so that customers can buy from you and make the payment. We will take care of the complete design for your ecommerce website. An ecommerce website is a little more expensive with that of a usual website, but the returns you get from the website is long lasting and fruitful. It is not an expense but rather an investment in the online space as you are starting an online shop. We will be glad to talk with you and know the exact number of pages you need and the design you are interested in. Then we will create a prototype for you so that you can have a look and know exactly how the real website will look like.

App Development

Are you looking to build a mobile app for your business? Whether you need Android or iOS app, we can do that for you. We do custom designs so that you will get exactly what you want. It will not get betterthan this. Getting your app on the play store or on the app store is game changing and the profit you get is going to be awesome. We are experts in app development and the team we have are proficient in Flutter, NodeJS, React, etc so that you get the best return on investment. We create custom apps according to your requirements and we are professional and affordable. We value your partnership and always deliver the bestquality apps with great functionalities and awesome features. We are all ready to hear from you and change your business for the overall good. In todays world where there is so much competition, it is important that you partner with the best app development company to get the best results.

Platform Migration

It is easier for you to move to the cloud now. We do migrations in a risk-free, timely and efficient manner,so that you can be 100%comfortable with the wholemigration process. Our error free and timely migration process will help you in your necessities. Moving to the cloud has a lot of advantages and your storage infrastructure is critical as you need fast access to data and it should be safe as well. We at Angelo Remedios makes your platform migration easy and effective. Whether you are looking for platform migration, server migration, database migration or some other, we got you covered. Let us talk and we will show you how to make your migration process easy and convenient. We at Angelo Remedios have successfully done many migrations for various clients and we would like to show you, our portfolio. We are only one message away and are interested in collaborating with you.


It is important in todays business environment to have an ERP and CRM system in place. We at Angelo Remedios, make the best ERP and CRM solutions that help your business to run smoothly and communicate and manage the customers. Our dedicated team of experts here at Angelo Remedios will figure out the ERP or CRM system plan together with you and will build a custom application for you. It is important for you to manage your customers and send them emails and track their interaction all at one place and we will help you with it. An ERP system will greatly benefit you to plan your resources and manage them properly. We have proven methodologies to structure your ERP or CRM and bring in the best benefits possible. Let us have a talk and see whether we are a match for each other. Our expert team will discuss with you the complete process and guide you through all your queries and concerns. In the end, we will figure out the best possible solution for both of us.


Make your products and customer experience awesomewith our UI/UX solutions. A great user experience is a mustfor you to succeed and we create an outstanding brand experience for your customers. Customers when they come to your website or when they purchase a product, will evaluate the experience they have. So, it is important for you to have a better user experience for them to retain and make them your loyal customers. The user interface has to be responsive, attractive and stylish and easy to navigate. Having a great user interface will help you to attract many numbers of customers and make your mark on the business world. We at Angelo Remedios design and develop outstanding UI/UX experience. You can be confident that you are partnering with the most professional and suitable company for your UI/UX needs.

Software Development

Angelo Remedios use cutting edge technology when it comes to software development. Our expert team of staff will work with passion to develop the custom software that you badly wanted. A business will need different types of softwares to serve the customers as well as to function properly. We generally use coding to design the software of our dreams, but we are also open to other software development tools that are available in the market. We will discuss the whole process with you and find out what you exactly need and what are the problems you face and we will develop the software to solve those problems. This is how we work on all our solutions and they are aimed to solve your problems and get you more customers. We have designed many softwares for businesses tailored to their needs and love what we do. By partnering with us, you will get the most prestigious service in the market at competitive rates.

Lead Management Software

Getting and acquiring leads isone of the most importantstrategies for a business. Wewill develop the best and proven lead managementsoftware for you. A lead management software will help you to manage and organize your leads in the best possible manner. Customized options are available with us and we will design the software according to the exact needs of your business. The software will have all the functionalities and features needed for a lead management software which will make it easy for you to use it and share it with your employees. All the details of your lead such as the email, address, phone number, name, position, etc can be stored and accessed in the software and we will also help you to email them and interact with them. Our all-in-one lead management solution is what you need to take your business to the next level. Collaborate with us to make your business awesome and to manage your leads effectively. Getting leads are the primary objective of any business and we will help you to do that. Managing the leads will not become more easier with our tailor made lead management software.

Flexibility is at our core. Whatever be your needs, we got you covered. With experienced staff and working techniques, we can build websites and applications no matter what you desire. This makes us unique and distinct from the other companies.

When you partner with the right friend, you become awesome. We are here for all your web & software needs. Partnering with us is the decision in the right direction. Discover us and you will be amazed.

Come join us and we will take your web & software development to the next level. We love what we do and are only a message away.